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Tokaj Oremus was founded in 1993 as the sister property of Vega Sicilia, the iconic winery in the Spanish Ribera del Duero wine region. The 100-hectare winery has been run by András Bacsó right from the beginning. But don’t be fooled, this softly spoken professional is one of the spiritus rectora of the wine region and was named Winemaker of the Winemakers in 2016. Their plots in 13 vineyards in 6 settlements are all classified as first class. Their annual production is around 150,000 bottles. Their dry Furmint, Mandolás, can be recognised almost immediately by its oak use. Their sweet wines and wine specialties are in a class of their own. The whole estate is exemplary. Wine region: Tokaj Winemaker: András Bacsó Estate size: 100ha Main vineyards: 6 settlements 13 vineyards Main varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály, Zéta, Kövérszőlő Winemaking/technology: this all depends on the interactions and the relationship between the variety and the soil, masterful fermentation and the oak used for maturation. Quick pressing, perfectly settled must, 10 days cool fermentation, maturation in new oak, lees ageing and then up to several years of bottle maturation. Concentrated, mineral, beautifully oaked, complex estate wines with several vineyards in harmony. Annual production: 150,000 bottles Awards and recognitions: András Bacsó: Winemaker of the Winemakers 2016

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