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Groszer Wein Szapary (Blaufränkisch) 2017

12,090 Ft
Groszer Wein Szapary (Blaufränkisch) 2017 (0.75l)
Manufacturer: Groszer Wein
Expected delivery: January 27, 2022
Unit price: 16,120.00 Ft/liter
Model: 13013
Average Rating: Not Rated


Eisenberg, or Iron Hill, is located in the southern part of Burgenland, which also extends into the western part of Hungary. Traditionally, it is an Austro-Hungarian wine region. Its characteristic red wines are mainly made from Blaufränkisch and display pleasant, spicy, mineral notes. They also boast elegant white wines, of course. The slopes comprise crystalline rocks mixed with clay. The result is a unique and truly unconventional wine that perfectly reflects the terroir. Typical Blaufränkisch from the region has been authorised to bear the name Eisenberg DAC since the 2009 vintage. The local terroir drives Matthias Krőn and Markus Bach in their work. From these extraordinary vineyards, they can make very unique and unrepeatable wines from grapes harvested from old vines. Pure organic farming is, of course, a bumpy road they wish to follow, but without compromising the quality of their wines.
Vintage 2017
Winery Groszer Wein
Colour Red
Price category 5.001 Ft-
Volume 0,75 liter
Wine region Austria
Country Austria
Grape variety Kékfrankos
Sweetness level Dry
Alcohol 12%
Wine style Acidity-driven red wine
What food goes well with this wine? Vörös húsok


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