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Andreas Ebner

The Ebner Winery cultivates grapes on almost 13 hectares as well as apples on another 13 hectares on the edge of Szigetvár, near Mozsgó. The winery’s chief winemaker, Andreas Ebner, comes from a family of winemakers. Around 1999, he decided that this wildly romantic area in Baranya could be the perfect location for his hobby winery, as he still wanted to indulge in his favourite pastime. After a few years, he bought more and more land, and the winery outgrew itself. White and rosé wines are made using state-of-the-art technology and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tank. The reds undergo traditional fermentation in stainless-steel vats and are then matured in barrique to ensure sophistication and charm.


Wine region: Pécsi borvidék
Winemaker: Andreas Ebner
Estate size:  13 hektár
Main grape varieties: tramini
pinot noir, cabernet franc, merlot 

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