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Frittmann Pincészet

Frittmann PincészetThe labels of the Soltvadkert winery read: Frittmann, but among wine circles they were always referred to as the "Frittmann brothers", since in addition to János, who was chosen as the wine producer of the year in 2007, his brother István is also an active part of the business, and their sons are also doing significant work in the winery. . In addition to the approximately 60 hectares of own vineyard area, another 70 hectares are part of the integration. They have a wide selection of varieties: Ezerjó, Cserszeg spicy, Irsai oliver, generosa, sauvignon blanc, Rhine riesling, chardonnay, muscat, cabernet sauvignon and franc, merlot, kékfrankos, kadarka, portugieser. The 700,000 bottles a year command respect! In addition to their light reductive batches, some of their wines are aged in barrels.

Wine region: Kunsági Borvidék
Winemaker: Frittmann János, István, Péter
Wine estate: 60 ha owned + 70 ha integrated
Main varieties: ezerjó, cserszegi fűszeres, irsai olivér, generosa, sauvignon blanc, rajnai rizling, chardonnay, muskotály,  cabernet sauvingon  és franc, merlot, kékfrankos, kadarka, portugieser
Winemaking/Technology: reductive rose and white wines, barrel aged red wines
Annual amount of bottle: 700000
Prizes: Az év bortermelője, 2007, Az év pincészete 2015

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