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Holdvölgy Winery

Holdvölgy Winery, founded by Pascal Demko, had grown to 26 hectares by 2006. They own 22 plots in seven of Mád’s vineyards (Hold-völgy, Úrágya, Nyúlászó, Király, Betsek, Kakasok, Dorgó-tető). Within a few years, they had become one of the key wineries in the wine region. Their dry, late harvested and Aszú wines reflect excellent taste. Their choices of names (Exaltation, Vision, Meditation, Eloquence, etc) have also helped their international presence. Their modern but landscaped estate centre, the 1800-metre-long, beautifully renovated cellar system is an attractive destination for wine tourists.

Wine region: Tokaj Winemaker: Jákób Bianka

Estate size: 26 ha

Main vineyards: Hold-völgy, Úrágya, Nyúlászó, Király, Betsek, Kakasok, Dorgó-tető

Main varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály, Zéta

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