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Tállya Wine

Drawing on the success of Szent Tamás and the Mád wines, the investors established Tálly Wines in 2014. Their Tállya plots are among the best (renowned Mád producers have also bought vineyards here). Their vines are in the Somszög, Dongó, Hasznos, Görbe, Bártfai, Tökös-mály and Bohomáj vineyards. István Hudák, their winemaker from Mád, also supervises the viticulture work. Their Furmint and their ZZ frizzante wines brought them instant fame, but they have now also released late harvest wines. Wine region: Tokaj Winemaker: István Hudák Main vineyards: Somszög, Dongó, Hasznos, Görbe, Bártfai, Tökös-mály, Bohomály Main varieties: Furmint, Kékfrankos
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