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István Balassa

István Balassa established the winery in 2005. The winery’s vineyards are located in Tokaj, Mád and Tarcal. He endeavours to show the uniqueness of the terroir and each vintage using artisanal winemaking methods. He basically produces dry wines with numbered bottles, but also has late harvest and Aszú wines in his range.

Wine region: Tokaji borvidék
Winemaker: Balassa István
Estate size: 8 ha
Main vineyards: Donát, Thurzó, Mézes Mály, Kakas, Király, Hangács, Dorgó, Betsek, Bomboly, Nyulászó, Szent Tamás
Main grape varieties: furmint, hárslevelű, zéta
Annual production: 8-10000 bottles

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