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Sol Montis

Sol Montis

Sol Montis Winery is located in Gyöngyöstarja, in the heart of the Mátra wine region. László Kovács founded the winery in 1999; since then, the purchase and establishment of new plantations with increasingly high-quality crops and the development of viticulture have continued.

In the Kovács family, the winemaking takes place from father to daughter. Zita Kovács joined her father in 2011 and is involved in marketing and hospitality. They farm 100 hectares of vineyards emphasizing the character of the terroir in their wines. Their mission is to produce wines that best express the magical diversity of the Mátra.



Wine region: Mátra wine region
Kovács László
Estate size:
110 ha
Main grape varieties:
Irsai Olivér, Olaszrizling, Hárslevelű, Syrah, Cabernet franc, Tempranillo   
Depending on the wine, both reductive technological fermentation with wooden barrel maturation and wooden barrel fermentation and maturation appear.
Hungary's Most Beautiful Vineyard Competition (3rd place in the Large Estate category)

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