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Gedeon Estate

The Gedeon Estate is in the Kunság wine region, between Ágasegyháza and Izsák. Young winemaker Árpád Varga has been continuously developing the 80-hectare estate since 1999. In the spirit of both tradition and modernity, he combines the family habits, his higher education, knowledge as cellarmaster at the Izsák sparkling wine factory and his personal experience. The estate’s wines are made using reductive technology. They produce wines from the wine region’s typical varieties using cultured yeasts and temperature-controlled fermentation. In addition to various light white wines, they also make rosé and sparkling wine. Wine region: Kunság Winemaker: Árpád Varga Estate size: 80 ha Main vineyards: Gedeon, Main varieties: Kövidinka, Ezerjó, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Kadarka, Sárfehér Winemaking/technology: reductive Annual production: 250,000 bottles Awards, recognitions: Vinagora International Wine Competition 2020 (gold medal)

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