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Patricius Winery

The Patricius Winery was founded thanks to the Kékessy family’s past legacy and its commitment to the future. The 85-hectare estate is spread across seven vineyards in the best areas of Tokaj. The rich terroir of the vineyards can be felt in Patricius wines, making them both complex and unique. They started with a disadvantage of about 10 years compared to their competitors, but now rank among the best in Tokaj in terms of quality. Their dry wines are particularly appealing, very pure, but not necessarily suitable for years of ageing. The sweet wines are extremely elegant and balanced. Wine region: Tokaj Winemaker: István Varga Estate size: 80 hectares Main varieties: 63% Furmint, 17% Hárslevelű, 9% Sárgamuskotály, 10% Zéta, 1% Kövérszőlő Annual production: 200,000 bottles

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