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Bárdos and Son Winery

Bárdos és Fia PincészetBenjámin Bárdos gained experience at large wineries over decades. He now uses this on his own family estate, which he runs with his son Tamás. “You don’t need to make great wine every year, rather everyday good wine. Good grapes and winemaking technology both have a role to play; putting one above the other is pointless,” Benjámin once said. The excellent soil and climatic conditions of the Mátra enable them to make great value-for-money wines, while their cellar in Farkasmály, carved into andesite tuff, also provides the ideal conditions for storing and tasting wines.

Wine region: Mátrai borvidék
Winemaker: Bárdos Benjámin, Bárdos Tamás
Estate size: 3,5 + 3 ha integráció
Main grape varieties: Pinot grigio, irsai olivér, muskotály, chardonnay, kékfrankos, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon

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