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Barta Winery

The winery was established in 2003 with the reconstruction of the Öreg Király premier cru vineyard. This area is one of the most valuable in the Tokaj wine region. Their grapes are cultivated organically. They are continuously replanting their vineyards. The Barta 2015 Öreg Király single-vineyard Furmint received 95 points in an international wine competition and their wines also feature regularly in the Grand Tokaj Wine Auction.

Wine region: Tokaji borvidék
Winemaker: Ujvári Vivien
Estate size: 10 ha
Main vineyards: Öreg Király
Main grape varieties: hárslevelű, sárgamuskotály, kövérszőlő, furmint
Annual productionm: 15000- 20000 bottles

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