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Karner Gábor

Gábor Karner has been making wine since 1999, but he soon realised that better quality wine could only be made from his own grapes, preferably those he had planted and cultivated himself. In 2004, he planted his first Kékfrankos vines, and even today, he only produces Olaszrizling and Kékfrankos, from two vineyards – Tavaszföld and Vitézföld. He has 2.5 hectares in total! His are artisanal wines in the best and truest sense of the word. Gábor Karner is a founding member of the Circle of Boutique Mátra Winemakers, along with Tamás Szecskő and Bálint Losonci. Wine region: Mátra Winemaker: Gábor Karner Soil/rock: loamy clay (red and brown clay) Estate size: 2.5 ha Main vineyards: Vitézföld, Tavaszföld Main varieties: Kékfrankos, Olaszrizling Winemaking/technology: artisanal
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