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Heimann Winery

The Heimann family has lived in Szekszárd since the mid-18th century. Zoltán Heimann and his wife Ágnes rebuilt the estate but only moved back to the wine region in 2009. Zoltán Heimann Jr, who studied viticulture and winemaking in Geisenheim, Montpellier and Udine, now also plays an active role in the winery. Their 21 hectares are in the Baranya-völgy, Iván-völgy, Porkoláb-völgy and Batti kereszt vineyards, where they cultivate not only Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Kékfrankos but also Tannat, Sagrantino and Viognier. The family takes Kadarka very seriously and have been trying to identify the right clones and ideal wine style for years. They produce about 130,000 bottles per year. Zoltán Heimann is the president of the Szekszárd wine region. Wine region: Szekszárd Winemakers: Zoltán Heimann Jr and Sr Estate size: 21 ha Main vineyards: Baranya-völgy, Iván-völgy, Porkoláb-völgy, Batti kereszt Main varieties: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Kékfrankos, Kadarka, Tannat, Sagrantino, Viognier Annual production: 130,000 bottles Awards and recognitions: Gault-Millau Guide 2016: Winemaker of the Year.

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