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Zoltán Polgár

One of Villány’s defining wineries from the beginning. Even as a university student, he and his wife planted the first vines in 1975. Zoltán Polgár and Katalin Polgárné founded their family business in 1990 under the name Polgár Pince Kft. The company’s headquarters were first in Villánykövesd, then later relocated to Villány, where they bought their cellars. They currently have 62 hectares of vineyards. The past two decades have been spent in a spirit of deep respect for traditions, as well as finding their path, developing and expanding. The winery, which has since grown into a prestigious family business always considers the preservation of natural values and the maintenance of a harmonious balance with them both in the selection and cultivation of the grape varieties and the production of wines. They were among the first to build their cosy B&B, which can accommodate up to 50 people. And, of course, they also have a restaurant for hungry wine lovers. Wine region: Villány Winemaker: Zoltán Polgár Main varieties: Hárslevelű, Chardonnay, Muskotály, Kadarka, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kékfrankos, Merlot, Portugieser, Syrah Winemaking/technology: “Our goal is to give lovers of our natural flavours and wines a unique experience with our elegant, fine wines made from grapes harvested with artisanal care.” Awards and recognitions: Producer of the Year 1996
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