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New wines 2021

New wines 2021

In a broader sense, any fermented wine is considered a new wine until the next harvest. However, winemakers generally refer to new wines as those that are bottled immediately after fermentation and are not yet dominated by maturing aromas and flavors. Since the wine stored in the bottle is also matured, in a narrower sense, the wines made from grapes harvested in the previous year can be called new wines until Easter next year. It is worth shopping now and preferably drinking the new wine within a few months.

At the stage of the new wine, the wine is closest to the grapes, the primary grape aromas and flavors are still dominant at this time, which gives the wine a fresh, fresh and fruity character, it will be so irresistible!

Traditionally, new wines are presented to consumers on Martin’s Day, November 11, but there are wine producers who come out with their primary wines earlier.

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