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 Telephone customer service:

Telephone number: +36 70 500 2073 vagy +36 30 456 7482
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-17.00 (lunch break: 12.30-13.00)
E-mail adress:


Company details:

Winelovers Borkereskedelmi Kft.
Registered office (invoice address): 1067 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 31. I. em. 7.
Tax number: 25586220-2-42
Company registration number: 01-09-283703
Bank account number: 11706023-21188583 (OTP Bank)
IBAN: HU26 1170 6023 2118 8583 0000 0000

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Facebook customer service

You can contact us via Facebook Messenger, and we will reply as quickly as possible!